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3-7 years

About us and our approach

Led by Happy Nappy’s team of top tutors, our small online-classes engage independence and accelerate your child’s success story

Our classes are originally designed for children's online education. The key task is to keep their attention and involve them in active learning through games, tales and group activities

Small groups up to 6 kids - big social impact to each kid. Сhildren learn to communicate, work in a team and create real friendships with other students

Social and emotional skills are essential for 21st-century. That’s why, we focus not only on basic subjects but especially on the emotional intelligence, personality, creative thinking, empathy, basics of reflection and self management

Every child is unique and learns differently, which is why our highly trained teachers take an individual approach for each kid, revealing his potential and talents

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Need guidance? Our team would be happy to help you select a best-suited classes for your child—just reach out to us!

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