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3-7 years

About us and our approach

The future of children is how they spend their time today: what they see around them, how they learn, how they interact with each other

Happy Nappy Online is a preschool educational environment that helps children realize their abilities and prepare for adulthood. Simultaneously giving parents peace of mind and freeing the ir time

By 2030, according to UNESCO, social and emotional skills (soft skills) will be key for any person, and in a few years, your child will need them to adapt to school life, find a common language with teachers and other children, be able to defend their opinions and find solutions in any situations

Therefore, we focus not only on basic subjects but also on the development of communication skills and emotional intelligence of children 

In just two or three classes a week, children, with the help of our programs and teachers, develop speech, thinking, communication skills, confidence and independence. And parents will save a lot of time and nerves

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We are always ready to help you turn the difficult profession of parenting into a hobby!

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