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How it works

Class durarion

30 minutes


2/3 classes per week


3-7 years old


2-6 per class

Program Features

Soft Skills

small class sizes enable close collaboration with peers and help kids improve their teamwork, confidence, and public speaking

Game mechanics

children participate in adventures, games, compete and explore the world with the characters of fairy tales

Reports for parents

you will always understand what is happening and calm that everything is under control

Gentle approach

they make a show out of each lesson and know how to light up any child

Who this program is for

  1. you want to teach your child to communicate with other children
  2. you want your child to become more confident and independent
  3. you have no time to develop your child on your own
  4. your preschool & pre-k ’s educational program is poor

What your child will achieve

"Basic" subjects will allow to:

  • Develop speech and fine motor skills, learn reading and counting
  • Systematize ideas about the world around us
  • Develop memory and attention, thinking skills and imagination
  • Learn to be independent and diligent, work in a team

"Advanced" subjects will allow to:

  • Develop soft skills
  • Unleash the creative potential of the child
  • Learn to think outside the box and structure information
  • Develop emotional intelligence and empathy, learn the basics of reflection

Course prerequisites

No experience needed!

Kids 3-5 years old

Access to a computer with internet connection

Fluent in English

Microphone and webcam

Select the appropriate program

2 classes per week / 40 minutes each
before 31.12
140 $ 119 $per month
We will
  • teach to read, count
  • teach to do homework
  • communicate independently and confidently
3 classes per week / 40 minutes each
before 31.12
180 $ 149 $per month
Everything that is in the "Basic" + creative
  • and non-standard skills to solve problems
  • express oneself, defend one’s opinion
  • understand one’s feelings and not be afraid to show them🤩
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Katarina truly enjoyed the English lessons, and especially the study of animals Joan
We love poems and children's poetry most of all Barbara
Valeria loves all the classes! Ann
Kir's favourite activity is creative work. He keeps talking about it! Jodie
Eric especially loves exercise and gluestick Penny
Nika likes everything, but most of all – the study of the world 😊 Lillian
Eitan loves drawing, keeps all his drawings and crafts 💙 Valery

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